The Process

Each of our client relationships takes on its own personality. It is an evolutionary journey, the end of which we arrive at a unique and appropriate solution for that client. The owner, the site, the architect and the trades’ people all generate an excitement about the process and collectively add value throughout. The end result is a home that surpasses preconceptions and original expectations and uniquely answers the needs of our clients.

Our process incorporates the following activities:

Initial Site Evaluation

Before work can begin, we require building code research for your municipality or county zone, as well as a professional land survey of the property.

Schematic Design Phase

During this phase, we work with you on alternative approaches to the design and construction of your new home or addition. Based on our discussions, we prepare drawings of various options and provide modifications to a 3-D computer model.

Design Development Phase

At this stage, we develop the ideas from the previous phase further and incorporate preliminary structural, mechanical and other technical information. This is a good time to introduce the project to your builder, who will have valuable input on cost-savings and other issues.

Construction Drawing Phase

We prepare drawings and specifications required for the construction of the project, and we assist you in filing documents for obtaining municipal approval.

Bid Phase

When the time is appropriate, we will assist you in either selecting a builder, or will work with the one you’ve chosen to prepare an accurate budget estimate.

Construction Administration

During this phase, weekly job meetings are held to review the project’s progress. Attendees include the client, the builder, and any relevant subcontractors, such as cabinet makers or electricians. Each week we review the job status to date, discuss pertinent issues and schedules, and provide hands-on administration to ensure the job runs smoothly.