Our Approach

“What makes a good architect? Someone who brings together the intangibles — the client’s vision, the site, the builders, the craftsmen and the local materials — to develop something special and uniquely appropriate.”

Heather Johnston, AIA


Heather Johnston Architect provides clients with an intensely creative and collaborative client experience. Our clients have reflected on our process as “one of the most intensely rewarding experiences of [our] lives.”
We believe your home ought to be a reflection of you — your life, your needs and aspirations. Our firm engages our clients in ongoing dialogue, ensuring all involved are valued participants throughout the design process.

Our approach is flexible, allowing those who are best at what they do to have an impact on the result. As one client noted, “We tended to bring out the best in each other.”

We believe we are successful because we excel at communication, both verbal and visual, and thus are able to best engage our clients. We listen and effectively translate clients’ needs into realizable goals. All participants in the process are kept well informed throughout the process.

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