Client Comments

Our clients’ feedback is the ultimate measure of our success. To help get a sense of what it’s like working with us, we have included select comments from our clients, as well as feedback from industry partners and the press. Additional references are available upon request.

“Working with Heather Johnston is a pleasure from start to finish. Her level of expertise and enthusiasm are welcomed in our industry. We would recommend her for any architectural and design projects.”

Damon S. Arnett

American Builders Company

“The design process was highly interactive right from the beginning. The most important feature of our relationship is that Heather was open to considering our suggestions on their merits, applying her expertise and skill throughout. It was a thoroughly satisfying and enjoyable process.”

D. Braide, Client

“Our guests don’t want to leave. You become infatuated with [our house]. Heather gave us what we really wanted but took it even further with her ability to make it not only beautiful but incredibly functional. We don’t think in terms of trends and styles… we just know what we want. Heather listened to our ideas and then turned them into something even better.”

Susan Roth, Client

“Many of our visitors say the house that Heather built is the most beautiful house they have ever seen. We think it is too… We have always loved the house ever since we moved in and we will always be grateful to Heather for creating it for us.”

J. Farlinger, D. Braide, Clients

“Heather listened closely to our desires. She questioned, probed, counseled, and as necessary, challenged us gently. Her initial design proved to be an excellent launching pad. [From it], the three of us worked together to modify, modify and modify again. We had a great architect with a good bedside manner.”

The Roths, Clients

“It’s just a beautiful house. We’ve never had anyone arrive who hasn’t stopped and caught their breath upon entering. It’s really such a work of art. We enjoy being able to live surrounded by such artistic beauty.”

George Roth, Client

“Both the Roth and Braide residences are stunning homes. Well done!”

Janice Naisby, Editor

Canadian Homes and Cottages magazine

“We wanted to tread softly on the earth. The home Heather built for us is anchored to the earth but open to the sky, with a feeling of being open to the elements. We got even more than we asked for.”

J. Farlinger, Client

“We really appreciate Heather’s cooperative approach. We had lots of ideas about our home but at the same time needed to work within a defined budget. From the beginning, Heather got where we wanted to go and was willing to go through that process with us. We are working with a future plan in mind, taking the necessary steps now to get us there. Heather’s been easy to work with — she guides the process, creating something everyone is going to be happy with.”

Brian Alexander, Client

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